Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey – yes, that’s right, UNDERWATER Hockey!


Underwater hockey is a highly addictive sport which is definitly harder to quit than to start. This sport is in a class of it’s own, a unique spin on a very popular sport. No special equipment is needed – just a mask, snorkel, fins, swimming cap and a small stick used to flick the puck. players hold their breath and dive down to involve themselves in the game, trying to get the elusive puck into the oppositions goals. There are no goal keepers, only forwards and backs which makes the game a little more compeitive.


This sport bodes well if you combine it with freediving, as the breath-holding may give you an advantage over other players. It may seem like chaos when you start, but once you play more often, the pieces fit together like a puzzle and you get great satisfaction in the end. There are ten players in a team, six in the pool with four rolling substitutes, so whenever one player gets tired, a substitute can fill in for them.

The teams can be identified by their stick colours (black or white) and their swimmig apparel.

If you’re looking for a breath-taking new, exciting and social sport, you’ve come to the right place. Maties Underwater Hockey is coached by Jack van Blerk, a very successful National and Club Coach.

Training times as follows:
Tuesday 19:00-21:30
Wednesday Juniors 17:30-19:00
Thursday 19:00-21:30
Friday Seasonal 18:00-19:00
For more information please contact Jack at the following: