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Striving to build a new awareness of one's capabilities in the water, Maties Underwater Freediving and Spearfishing presents a challenge to each individual. Be it that you are a seasoned diver or a land dweller wanting to take part in this breathless sport, Freediving and Spearfishing strives to have an opportunity for the experienced and the novice. With a repertoire of freediving workshops on basic skills, to advanced tips, training sessions, competitions (distance, depth and spearfishing), with sound advice as well as provincial and national events, Maties strives to educate divers in water safety, and helping them reach their full potential.

Freediving, is a sport of diving in a body of water with little else than a mask, snorkel, fins and a single breath. Within this discipline the categories range from depth training and achievements to distance swimming, static apnea and site exploration. Being the noblest and oldest form of diving, freediving is universal, and anyone with membership to Maties Underwater Club can join us for pool training sessions, Pure Apnea distance swim competitions and depth training.

Spearfishing, which is an extension of freediving, although not the same, is the use of one's freediving skills to harvest fish and marine life for own consumption within the Marine Conservation Act's rules and regulations. Making use of a speargun and various bouys, reels and safety equipment to sustainably fish for the exact species and size of fish one would want to target. This also being one of the oldest and most environmentally friendly methods of fishing, has developed into a national sport which one can compete in. We have regular training sessions and development competitions to enhance one's ability to dive safely and target only that which one needs and prefers to take from our humble and fragile ocean.

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